Colony Wars is one of my favorite series from the original Playstation era, and I hoped to capture some of that nostalgia in Dark Star One. I really miss how games that used to be set in “Outer Space” used to portray it as an unknown, the atmosphere always seemed to be more grim; empty, dark and alone. It felt like Space was this foreign, malevolent setting that was to be respected… now, everything is Space Marines, Gears of Halo, etc., where Space is just where you do the stuff.

I guess I’m bummed that Space isn’t romanticized anywhere nearly as much as it used to be, generations (of games) ago. That’s it. 

Anyway, DSO seemed interesting and decent enough to continue, but it suddenly froze my 360 about an hour in… at that point, the system refused to play it. Or anything else. Kinda freaked out. Fixed it easy enough, but damn if that’s not a huge strike against an already mediocre title…

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