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I was tempted to just replace all the titles with Minecraft as an unfunny joke (I was addicted, shortly.) Nothing so refreshing as collaborative teamwork that doesn’t involve murdering as many other players as you can before the map changes (i.e. the overwhelming majority of multiplayer experiences currently available) I think FEZ previously awoken something in me last month, as most of my gaming this month is retro-centric (Rage fits, ironically.) I’m also not finished with American Horror Story, but I’m close. It’s all building up to something. Korra is taking for fucking ever to air, so catch up at your leisure (we’re up to what, episode 7?) Also, Game of Thrones has been phenomenal this season (unlisted since I already played that card last month)

SONIC UGC - Never appreciated SEGA so much. Great to experience the progression of their games over the years.
- Somehow more enjoyable than most recent games in the same genre. 
RAGE - Super pretty and short, really worth the $15
MINECRAFT - More of an elaborate toy than an actual game, but an experience that I’d love to see implemented in other/any games in the future
DEAD ISLAND - I loved the amazing trailer, not so much the game. Impressive yet shallow.

KORRA - Like a lost treasure of 90s Disney animation, full of spirit, beautiful and rewarding
ARCHER S3 - Bigger, badder, faster, smarter, etc. Laughed every episode.
AMERICAN HORROR STORY - Intriguing, thrilling. The Others meets Beetlejuice(?) A lot seems to hang on the ending, which I’ve yet to see…
WALKING DEAD S2- Stumbling since it began, I hope 3rd season gets it right 

INFECTED (novel) - Interesting ideas, weak author. Watch BUG instead! 

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