Earlier in the month I had to get my 360 repaired (for what I assume THIS GAME did to it back in March), so not a lot of gaming here. Funny how I do own a fully functioning PS3 but mostly dislike using it (outside of its exclusives), and I can’t get into the Wii. It’s a bit nice having a break from gaming though. I realize most of the time I’d just default to killing time with it, rather than actively wanting to experience anything. Maybe that’ll change when I get it back. 

Transformers: War for Cybertron - Perfect package of a game. It’s not AAA, just does what it does with unbridled enthusiasm and confidence. (NEXT!)
Driver San Francisco - Practice for my trip to SF next month (no joke) It’s fun!
Spelunky - Fuck you. This is awesome. But fuck it. Oh man woa. Shit. (Fun & infuriating, try the infinitely replayable demo!)
Metroid Prime 3 Corruption - One of few games left to try on Wii before I junk it. I loved Prime on GameCube but this wasn’t doing it for me. 

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