The king is back (BB), so all bets are off as to who wins my pretend “best show award” of this month. Intense tooth pains required some immediate, “mindless” entertainment, which got me into Trailer Park Boys and Storage Wars. TPB is extremely rough around the edges, but then any exciting or interesting plot changes become much more so. Storage Wars suffers the same compulsive editing which deters me from all reality programs, but the constant risk/reward excitement of the “unknown” is hard to resist (even if 15min episodes are edited out to 21min…)  

Breaking Bad - If you know me, you know about this. (MIKE)
The Newsroom - Unconventional HBO drama, big kudos on somewhat holding our real media accountable. Plots revolve around more current real events/people, curious how recent they’ll get…
Portlandia - Sketch comedy on what I’d call “hipster” tropes & stereotypes. I like!
Trailer Park Boys - More heart than brains. And Bubbles is the heart.
Aqua Something You Know Whatever - This goes here.
Storage Wars - Aggressive personalities clashing, high risk gambling, exploring the unknown. Good, addictive TV stuff. Yeeaaup! (I hate Dave)

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