JULY - MOVIES … No Amazing Spiderman or even Dark Knight Rises for me this month. I wasn’t feeling either, enough to dish out the $ anyway. I also think I go easier on movies seen at home versus in the theater, probably because of the (small) investment and effort involved; “You have my 100% attention… NOW BE AMAZING.” (And if it’s not “amazing”, I am doubly disappointed.) I have a habit when I go to the theater: the moment I become disconnected/bored I will listen about the audience for people shifting in their seats, hearing various others who’ve stopped being immersed as well, confirming my sentiment. This is only when I’m bored enough to care about such nonsense, but it keeps my mind busy elsewhere (besides hating the movie, ah.) So yeah, I didn’t see much this July…

The Burbs - My personal favorite comedy/horror. A suburban Ghostbusters.
Ted - More of an oddity (“The Family Guy movie”), fun & funny 
Indie Game: The Movie - Interesting, informative, well-produced
The Atomic Cafe - (Same as above, actually)
Special When Lit - Great nostalgia doc, pinball’s curious history & uncertain future
The Grey - Unremarkable. (I initially forgot to put it on here…) See The Edge instead!
Transformers Dark of the Moon - Most watchable of the 3, if you dare

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