Seems like all my gaming this month was with titles I’d call “PS2 era” in major respects (of design, story, simplicity, etc.) Maybe because the Playstation 2 was an excellent generation; it was the last generation of games that could just “be” games, before triple-A budgets and lengthy cinematic stories full of realism and grit. Games that didn’t over-extend themselves with hours of extra filler or frivolous online components. Games like Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, games like…

XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN - My favorite game of all time. About to be remade
TRANSFORMERS FALL OF CYBERTRON - Explosive nostalgia-driven shooter, fun in small doses. Not as great as I’d hyped myself up into believing. 
SINGULARITY - Imaginative mechanics, you’re almost too-powerful (a good thing!) 
METRO 2033 - It’s a flawed shooter, but the atmosphere is wholly unique and mysteriously spooky (with that Russian flair)
COUNTERSTRIKE: GO - Wish CoD/others would do this. A quick, robust multiplayer downloadable 
TWISTED METAL - Black was so great on PS2. This lacks so much of that magic.
DEMENTIUM 2  - Scared me into nearly screaming on my plane back from SF. Impressive!

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