VGMpire (excellent game music podcast) recently did a Dark Souls episode, that rekindled my love/hate relationship with the immensely difficult and beautiful game:

 (of Dark Souls) I felt a need to complete the game to “absolve” the world from all the evil therein. I’d get frustrated and quit for a bit, but I seriously couldn’t just leave the game in the state that it was in. I had to see this despairing, terrible thing through to the end. I’ve never felt anything like that, in any media. 

Besides finishing Skyrim earlier in the month, I really didn’t play much until the release week of Borderlands 2 (including Dark Souls, which I started again to contrast Border 2’s seizure-inducing non-stop rave style gameplay…) 

BORDERLANDS 2 - 40 hours in and I’m not even half way. Both a good and bad thing. (Sporting a Gunzerker on my own, and Assassin co-op with Megan.)
DARK SOULS - Because I hate myself. And love the music.
CRYSIS - You are the Predator. That’s enough for me. 

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