Nothing really new here, just my Netflix browsing habits on display. Seeing my Netflix Recently Viewed was my initial motivation into posting/sharing these, both as a way to remember what I’d seen beyond a few weeks and as a motivator to see more.

THE LAST EMPEROR - Although I moreso enjoyed the visual/aural aspects, there were scenes and moments I won’t soon forget. It’s not my “favorite” concerning plot or character, it feels profoundly bigger than the sum of its parts (of which are huge to begin with)
RADIO DAYS - (WATCH IT HERE!) Annie Hall meets The Sandlot. Unfortunately under my radar until now, affectionate yet unsentimental. Easily in my top 3 (for Woody Allen)
PAPER MOON - “What’s most interesting about Paper Moon is that it has the tone and timbre of a comedy, but the setting and style of the film are somber and more reminiscent of a European art film.” 
A FISH CALLED WANDA - Fun and funny. Interesting American/British dynamic
INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS - Donald Sutherland. Jeff Goldblum. Leonard Nimoy. “YOU’RE NEXT!”
COMING TO AMERICA - As a sort of joking comparison to Last Emperor, this was fun. 
- Interesting journey into the psyche of an immensely creative, simple mind
TIM & ERIC’S BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE - Hilarious moments, lacks the show’s overall harmony/direction. John C. Reilly (Steve Bruhl) as Taquito was my highlight
THE PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS - If you’re geek enough to watch this, you already know 90% of this film’s content.
THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER - The premiere of Clancy’s “important people shouting into phones” series. I’m sure the book was great, but I could not get into this at any point.

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