X-MEN DOFP - Best movie I’ve seen in theaters for a while, excellent fun
CINEMA PARADISO - I’ve had Cinema Paradiso on my watch list since forever, so I guess I had unrealistic expectations of it. It was the longer version, and lovers of the “original” don’t love it either. Just didn’t grab me
THE LEGO MOVIE - Surprisingly enjoyable, refreshing reversal of cliches/tropes at an explosive pace
THE ACT OF KILLING - Another unmet expectation. It leaves too much to interpretation, however intentional it may be. I disliked the entire viewing experience (again, the desired affect)



For all the praise I’ve heard over the years, I knew The Shield was a safe bet, and it didn’t disappoint. I hope the following seasons (7?) are at least as good as the first. Rectify is solid. It’s similar to Breaking Bad in its pacing and under-the-surface tension, plus I’m a huge sucker for characters that are abnormal/asocial/etc

THE SHIELD - Explosive. The Wire on steroids, I love it
RECTIFY - Haunting, atmospheric and beautifully made. 



Diablo 2 is why I haven’t seen more movies this month. I had little expectations at first (because of its age) but it’s been weeks now, and I just need to finish one more quest…

DIABLO 2 - Only started to see how 3 evolved, and now I might finish it. Still really fun and addictive (just one more dungeon/item/etc…)
VANQUISH - Holds up well, incredible arcade adrenaline
THE SWAPPER - Dead Space meets Braid? Creepy pretty atmosphere and satisfying puzzling



Figured I’d balance out the awful sci-fi action flicks with some guaranteed-to-be-good foreign films, and it sorta worked. I only viewed the bottom three with hilarious commentary tracks posted by LaserTime which made them all worth it. Sorta. 

A SEPARATION - Really good family drama, get a glimpse of Iranian life
BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR - Depicts love and relationships perfectly
WAITING FOR GUFFMAN - Parks & Recreation as a movie
GODZILLA - Excellent disaster fun, lame drama sideplot
SPLICE - Not scary or compelling as much as it tries to be
GODZILLA 98 - Awful followup to Independence Day, just Summer Stupid
PLANET OF THE APES - Lacks everything of its namesake, pointless
XMEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE - Impossible to watch without LT commentary



MISFITS - I love the soundtrack. The show is really special. Thrilling, grossly funny, touching and smart
CALIFORNICATION S7 - The writing remains fresh, and I’ve yet to see an episode in the entire series that did not make me at least laugh out loud (or tear up)
HOUSE OF CARDS S2 - More interesting than entertaining, but it’s both
TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR - Tim and Eric is all I need, though I want more. Neat little show



Although a lot of May was spent chipping away at Dark Souls 2 and yet another revisit to Minecraft (named my most recent worlds “Final, End, Last” etc), I did get into some new-ish stuff.

DOOM - How this is still really fun much less actually playable is beyond me
ANGRY BIRDS - I get it now. I don’t think I can stop, either
RISK OF RAIN - Cool style and music, simplistic gameplay
PVZ 2 - A proper sequel but bloated with micro-transactions, wish I could’ve paid upfront…



At a glance, I’m thinking my themes for this month were Romance and Alienation. I’d seen Perfume previously and am happy to say it holds up just fine… (I LOVE PERFUME’S OST.) Thor was a bit of a letdown, and Ender’s Game barely resonated with me on any level. I liked the book! Blue Caprice and Take Shelter are tidily comparable with their mentally ill protagonists, and Fruitvale Station with Hard Candy both deal with injustice. Hanna does everything, but not well. Anyway;

PERFUME - Psychopathic protagonist and lovely V/A is all I needs
THE SPECTACULAR NOW - A teen comedy as a serious drama
THE PAST - Starts out great. Overly complicated plot, soiling an otherwise delicate and relate-able situation
HANNA - Again, too complex for its own good, i.e., Gov’t conspiracy?!… The cool assassin-daughter survival story is great fun though
THOR TDW - Pretty cool, funny. Standard Marvel fare
TAKE SHELTER - Holy hell is Michael Shannon not just the craziest actor available. Watch him lose his shit yet again, now in the Midwest
BLUE CAPRICE - (DC Sniper movie) An apathetic perspective on their mental state (muttering WE WILL MURDER EVERYONE in a Walmart with no context or follow-up) demolishes any hope of understanding or connecting to these killers, which I guess… is the point… 
FRUITVALE STATION - (true story) Deifies the victim of Oscar as more of a Hero-Saint than an actual human being, which for me spoiled the message of “cops/the system is fucked up.” Didn’t feel this
HARD CANDY - Great acting from young Ellen Page. Also, she  really is Ellie. Otherwise, some overwrought plot points and far-reaching scenes take me completely out of the flick

ENDER’S GAME - Deadpan acting is a caveat of blue screen sci-fi epics (and weak directors). Lacks any humanity whatsoever



Rick and Morty is fantastic. Fresh, witty, and Adventure Time levels of insane creativity. The smarts of Futurama combined with the shock value of South Park, I savored the last few episodes knowing they were all that remained (until next year I hope?), and I was not disappointed

RICK AND MORTY - Turned me off at first (episode) but I absolutely love it now. Futurama meets South Park (both at their peaks)
PORTLANDIA - Although it’s the same joke, I’m still laughing
OFF THE AIR - Psychedelic collection of experimental video art, I’m unsure whether putting them together hurts their effectiveness individually (In any case, spreading weird shit like this is great)
CHECK IT OUT - Creepiest season yet, and I’m loving it



I burned through the first 30-some hours of Dark Souls 2 without much of a break before I really began to notice the fun that I wasn’t having. There’s a weird side effect while playing a Souls game, where all other games seem infinitely less challenging, serious or even worth the effort (i.e., mobile games.) I started Splinter Cell Blacklist and waited for it to disappoint me, but I kept getting distracted by having such a blast playing it. You are Batman, with guns. I nearly marathon’d SCB to the end, and still wanted more. I still have a huge backlog waiting for me, so I’m pretty impressed when a game suddenly warrants all of my attention until I’ve absorbed most all of its content.

SPLINTER CELL BLACKLIST - Batman with guns! Thrilling mix of being in danger yet feeling powerful. Don’t care for Clancy lore though
CATAN (mobile) - EVERY TIME I plan to play just a quick 10mins, an hour goes by. Great introduction to the real life game (I assume)
PLANTS VS ZOMBIES (mobile) - I like the cuteness and overall design. Perfect mobile timewaster



Frozen was delightful, and inspired a tangent of Disney classics. For as old as some of them are, they are amazing. Most of my memories of them are from a blurry VHS-to-24” TV setup, so I was pretty blown away seeing them in HD for the first time. Sleeping Beauty in particular looked impossibly well-detailed, with so much to take in for every scene. They’re all charming, fun, and re-watchable (every decade or so.) 

I really liked Short Term 12, and my second viewing of City of Ember was still a treat. Not sure where I stand on American Hustle or Wolf of Wall Street though. Non-sympathetic characters haven’t been doing it for me, lately


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